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Keanu Pic Spam!

Converting the world, one pic at a time...

Keanu Pic Spam
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Keanu Pic Spam!

Welcome to Keanu Pic Spam!

This is a community for lovers of Keanu Reeves, or more importantly, lovers of pictures of Keanu Reeves. Those smoldering eyes, that jet black hair,...what can I say? The man is just beautiful to look at! And so this community is my attempt to spam the general public with as much Keanu as they can handle. To convert the unitiated, and remind keanu lovers of why we fell in love with him in the first place. Enjoy! Please read the rules before you begin posting.


1).A picture must be included in your posts!(this is a pic community after all) Other than that, you can post anything you want about Keanu. Including icons, fan art, news, gossip, general rants and even fan fiction. Just be sure to make your posts legit with some pic spam attached.

2). Use the lj cut. If you are posting more than one picture, explicit pics, HUGE pics, or movie spoiler pics, please put them behind an lj cut tag and warn us accordingly.

3). No hotlinking, no spamming, or flaming. Any one of these actions can get you banned, so please just be respectful of your fellow members and have fun!

Questions or comments? Please don't hesitate to email me at aquapoet1@yahoo.com

Again, there's no excuse for hotlinking or directlinking of photos. If you want to post pics they must come from your own webspace.(like a photobucket account) Simply save pics onto your hard drive. Then upload them to a free web space. Check out these free pic hosting sites:

my online images

Love & Peace,


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